The Hollard Pension Preservation Plan.

Preserve your existing pension fund savings in a tax efficient manner. Preserve, save and grow the money you receive from your employer’s pension fund when you leave the company.

Benefits you receive.

  • Tax benefits – Investment returns are not subject to Capital Gains Tax, Interest Income Tax of Dividends Tax
  • Access to a range of Investment Portfolio options to suite your risk appetite and goals
  • Access to withdraw prior to retirement, limited to one full or partial withdrawal.
  • Flexibility at Retirement - up to one third of the value of your investment may be taken in cash & the balance used to purchase an annuity to pay you an income in retirement.
  • Protection of your savings by limiting your investment’s exposure to risky assets, in accordance with Regulation 28 requirements.

What it will cost.

Minimum investment R50 000 Lump sum investment
Initial Administration Fee No Fee
Initial Management Fee

See portfolio list

Financial Advisor Initial Fee A maximum fee of 1.5% excluding VAT
Annual Administration Fee
A weighted average fee is charged on the value of your Investment Account:
From R0.0 to R1million  0.45%
Next R500 000 0.40%
Next R500 000 0.35%
Thereafter 0.25%

  The Hollard Investments Annual Administration fee may differ in certain circumstances.

Financial Advisor Annual Fee

A maximum fee of 1% excluding VAT

Forms and Documents.

How to submit a form to us:

  1. Select a form from the list below (all are in PDF format).
  2. Print and complete the form.
  3. Attach all required documentation, including FICA documentation (for new investment application).
  4. E-mail or fax the completed form to: or
    Fax: +27 11 351 3816


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