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    About the fund:

    The primary investment objective of the fund is to assist investors to reach a return after fees of CPI +4% p.a. over rolling 5 year periods, through a spectrum of investments in the equity, bond, money or property markets and participatory interests in related collective investment schemes.

    This fund is suitable for investors who:
    • Seek exposure to a balanced collection of assets to provide medium-term capital growth above inflation
    • Are comfortable with limited equity-related price fluctuation, i.e. short- to medium term volatility
    • Typically have an investment horizon of more than five years
    • Wish to use the Fund as an investment vehicle, after a professional financial needs analysis and investment planning exercise
    Benchmark ASISA Sector Risk Launch Date Income Distribution Regulation 28
    ASISA Sector Median SA Multi Asset - Medium Equity Moderate 23 January 2014     Bi-Annual (February & August)


    Exposure Limits:
    In SA Ex SA In Africa Fixed Interest Property Equity
    ≥60% ≤30%   ≤10%   ≤25% including international property

    ≤60% including international equity


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