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Cannon Asset Managers

Website: www.cannonassets.co.za
Telephone: 011 463 3140

As a boutique investment manager, we provide deep value bespoke investment portfolios for our clients.

Who We Are

Cannon Asset Managers is a boutique investment manager that builds domestic and global investment portfolios for private clients, retail and institutional investors. Since our formation over 14 years ago, we’ve successfully applied the philosophy of value investing, an investment management approach that has consistently given us a clear advantage over our competitors.

What We Do

Our specialty is in customising bespoke deep value investment portfolios to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements. Our offerings range from house view equity portfolios, concentrated best ideas portfolios and high yield equity portfolios, to balanced and more conservative multi-asset and high yield portfolios. Portfolios such as SuperDogs and Allocator are also unique to the market place.

Why Choose Us

We’re noticeably different from any other investment managers in the business:

  1. We perform. Over the long term, our track record is among the best in the industry.
  2. We’re patient. We know that time is one of the most powerful ingredients in your portfolio’s performance, which is why our average holding period is in excess of five years.
  3. We think big. Our local universe is among the widest in the South African context, and we cover about 250 listed companies at any one time.
  4. We know you’re unique. This is why we provide customised portfolio solutions, so that your particular objectives are provided for.
  5. We don’t style drift. While it is tempting to follow the fad and buy fashionable stocks, we aim for long-term wealth by paying close attention to the price one pays for a company.