• Date posted: 23 Mar 2017

    Run Cancer Outta Town with Cancer Insurance

    We’ve barely recovered from hairy, prickly upper-lipped men showing their support for Movember (some Mo’s regrettably persisted well into the new year), only to find that a few thousand men will be running the streets of ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 5 Oct 2016

    Are you prepared for cancer’s hefty price tag?

    Life has changed. These days, stress, obesity, couch potato syndrome and pollution are all too common and as a result, the same goes for your risk of developing a serious illness like cancer. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 26 Oct 2015

    Hollard Breast Cancer Awareness

    It was a long journey but my kids were a great help and quickly learned to hang up laundry and vacuum for their mom.” – Lee-Ann, Hollardite & breast cancer survivor. Awareness saves lives. That's why Hollard supports Bre ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 22 Oct 2015

    Can you get cover after breast cancer?

    Modern medical advances have made it possible for more and more women to beat breast cancer, but cancer survivors are still at a higher risk of developing cancer again or having complications caused by their treatment. T ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 22 Oct 2015

    Are you at risk for breast cancer?

    Actress Angelina Jolie made headlines when she underwent a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. That means that she had both breasts removed even though she hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer. She did it because she’s a car ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 22 Sep 2015

    Funeral Plans and Life Cover - What's the Difference?

    Many individuals and sometimes even experts use the word “Life Insurance” as a way to refer to funeral cover, life cover and investments. This causes a lot of confusion if you are a lay person and not knowing the differe ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 27 Oct 2014

    Weird Ways People Have Met Their Maker

    Check out some deadly interesting ways people have met their maker. ... READ MORE >

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    Date posted: 25 Jun 2014

    Should I get Life Insurance or Funeral Insurance?

    Funeral insurance with a life cover benefit. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 19 May 2014

    Long Term Insurance

    Long term insurance refers to a range of insurance products that provide you either with an income in the long term – usually when you retire – or a lump sum of money should you become permanently disabled or pass away. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 12 May 2014

    Life Insurance in South Africa

    Death is unfortunately a fact of life. One of the worst things about it though, is the thought of your family members being unable to cope financially once you pass away. The good news is that there is something you can ... READ MORE >