Why Have a Funeral? The Importance of Closure and Spiritual Healing

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Date posted: 9 Dec 2014

Funerals are about more than just burying the dead. Funerals provide closure and spiritual healing that allows loved ones to go on with their lives.

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing most of us will ever go through, and it is often hard to pick up the pieces and go on in their absence. Funeral insurance cover allows you to bury your loved ones in a dignified manner, but a meaningful funeral service helps loved ones experience the healing and closure they need to honour the departed, remember the good times and eventually go on with their lives.

Funerals provide many important benefits for immediate family members, for close friends and for co-workers and acquaintances as well. Many family members who host funeral services are surprised at how many people their loved one touched and how many lives he or she changed in the process. Giving all of those people an opportunity to heal and a chance to come together is important, and that is just one of the reasons why funeral rites are some of the oldest traditions.

Funeral services are actually older than civilisation, and there is further proof of the importance of these religious and cultural rituals in both ancient and modern societies. Researchers have found evidence that our Neanderthal ancestors buried their dead and treated their departed loved ones with care.  

Funeral rites have changed a great deal since those early days, but the meaning and importance of the funeral service has remained steady throughout the ages. When someone passes away, it is important for loved ones to mourn, and sharing their grief is part of the healing process.

Whether the deceased succumbed to a long illness or an unexpected accident, the grieving process is a central part of the funeral ritual. It is easy for family members to become withdrawn and avoid contact with others in the wake of a sudden death. Funeral services bring those grieving loved ones out of the shadows and surround them with love and warmth. It may not be an easy process, and some people may even resist the funeral planning and preparation.

Despite the difficulties and sorrow, having a funeral and allowing loved ones to grieve is an integral part of the healing process. Without a funeral, loved ones may never get the closure they need to remember the departed with fondness, explore new relationships and finally get on with their lives. The healing process is a long and complicated one, but funeral services have played a role in it virtually since the dawn of time.

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