• Date posted: 31 May 2016

    #A2B or #AtoB

    Getting around without a car in SA is a daily adventure. It can start early morning with ‘after robot!’ and end with an unplanned trip to Pretoria because you got deurmekaar changing trains at Marlboro. Hop in with us th ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 21 Apr 2016

    Your Lift Club May Land You in Hot Water

    It’s always in the fine print. Read your car insurance policy carefully to make sure that you have comprehensive and valid insurance cover to protect you against accidents and liabilities. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 15 Mar 2016

    How to Cope With Holiday Mishaps

    Holidays are a time to let your hair down and spend quality time with family, however, a lot can go wrong when you travel. Think about the possibility of natural disasters, losing your passport, being robbed, food poison ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 15 Mar 2016

    Put the Petrol Cut to Good Use

    From April 1st we will be paying 30c per litre extra on the fuel levy. A 60 litre tank will cost you an additional R18 to fill up. In isolation it’s not a big deal. In conjunction with food, interest rates, utilities and ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 15 Mar 2016

    A Different Kind of Travel Checklist

    If you are planning a trip away for the Easter holidays, here are a few things to add to your checklist that you may have overlooked. These factors will ensure that your vehicle is fully covered in case of an accident. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 11 Mar 2016

    Are we there yet ?

    We know travelling with kids can be quite a challenge ‐ from sticky spills, to backseat battles between irritated siblings, to that dreaded question: Are we there yet? ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 24 Feb 2016

    Home Warranty Solution Protects Property Buyers and Sellers from Financial Implications of Defects

    Would you buy a car without a warranty to cover unexpected breakdowns or defects? Do you know what’s going on under the bonnet, and would you take a salesperson’s word for it without performing any checks and balances to ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 9 Feb 2016

    Protecting Property Buyers and Sellers from Implications of Defects

    Written by: Lee-Ann Dobrescu, Head of Group Business Development at Hollard ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 3 Feb 2016

    Mind the Gap When Selling and Buying a Home

    Since property purchases are among the single largest financial commitments private individuals will undertake, the need for meaningful protection against such risks is essential. ... READ MORE >

  • Date posted: 1 Feb 2016

    Why Sell or Buy a Home With a Warranty?

    You might think that the law protects the buyer from a seller’s failure to disclose defects. But enforcing your legal rights is expensive and time-consuming. ... READ MORE >