Hollard Home Warranty

Sell with ease. Buy with confidence.


Great for sellers:
  • Now you can sell your property without sacrificing price a "buffer" against uncertainties,
  • Sell the house faster - there's no need for the buyer to get a second opinion.
  • Protect yourself against potential comebacks related to property defects.
  • There are no upfront or monthly costs! The low once-off premium is paid from the proceeds of the sale of the house.
Loved by buyers:
  • Buyers can make an offer with confidence - now there is no need for a "buffer" for unknown defects.
  • Enjoy peace of mind at no cost to you. The premium is paid by the seller from the proceeds of the sale.

Key Benefits:

What does home warranty cover?

The home warranty covers against faults and defects normally excluded under a homeowner's equity policy, being:

  • Faulty or defective roof, wall and foundation design, structure or workmanship
  • Faulty or defective tiling decking or paving

It also covers:

  • Faulty electricals, plumbing, drainage, sewerage and gas, water irrigation systems and water waste management installations
  • Rising damp, rust, corrosion and damage caused by wood rot, borer beetle, fungus and termites

A Hollard Home Warranty shares existing defects (if any) upfront and provides a promise that any other defects will not be the buyer's problem.

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Features & Benefits

How it works

If you are interested in obtaining a warranty, our professional home inspectors will assess your home to see if you quality for this unique cover.

We may agree to give you a warranty with some excluded items, which if you opt to not repair, will be disclosed on our certificate.  This certificate confirms that we have agreed to provide a 2 year warranty on the home and should form part of the offer to purchase and can also be used to disclose any known and existing defects.  Any other covered defect or faults will be our problem.

Approximate once off premium for two years cover:

Selling price Rate range
R1,000,000 to R2,000,000 1.20% to 0.87%
R2,500,000 to R5,000,000 0.79% to 0.55%
R6,000,000 to R10,000,000 0.50% to 0.42%
Over R10,000,000 0.38% to 0.33%


How do I know if the house I want to buy has a Hollard Home Warranty?
The seller will have a certificate confirming that we’ve given them a two year warranty on the house from the date of transfer, subject to us being paid the premium (which will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale). This certificate will indicate any excluded items and has a validity period of six months from the date of inspection.

How to claim

Do you need to claim?

Follow the easy steps below to get your claim processed quickly and efficiently.

1. Notify us

Call 0861 HOME 4U (0861 4663 48) to report the claim.  Have your policy number on hand to register the claim with us.

2. We'll contact you to notify you of the outcome of your claim

Customer Support

To make a Home Warranty claim or to update your Home Warranty policy

Simply call us on 0861 HOME 4U (0861 4663 48) to speak to one of our consultants.  

To get a Home Warranty quote

Submit your information yourself using our Get A Quote Now button. Alternatively,

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