Extended Car Warranty

Extended Car Warranty allows you to cover your car even if the manufacturer's warranty has expired.


The Best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Hollard's Extended Car Warranty insurance policy provides cover against the costs of unforeseen mechanical breakdown.

If your manufacturer's car warranty has expired and your vehicle is less than 10 years old, our extended warranty is perfect for you. 

Key Benefits:

  • Covers up to 21 major components 
  • Covers you for mechanical breakdown
  • Cover includes free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Premiums start from as little as R159 per month


You can get car warranty cover from as little as R159 per month.

Do You Need an Extended Warranty?

You should consider mechanical breakdown insurance if:

  • Your car is a passenger car
  • Your warranty has expired
  • Your car has travelled less than 200,000 km
  • Your car is less than 10 years old
  • Your car is not used for commercial purposes or racing

A warranty protects against the expenses of mechanical breakdowns, but if you need cover for fire, theft and third party see the features and benefits of our car insurance product.

Features & Benefits

What Are The Extended Warranty Features and Benefits? 

Aside from extending your car warranty cover, Extended Car Warranty offers you many valuable features and benefits.

  • You get mechanical breakdown insurance to cover the costs of any parts that need to be replaced
  • You can get car warranty cover from as little as R159 per month
  • The service benefit is available on the Extended Car Warranty Cruise and Maxi options, which covers oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, brake fluid, consumables or sundry charges, long-life coolant and car wash
  • Choose an optional car hire benefit which gives you the use of a loan vehicle for up to five days
  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance, which includes:
    • Mechanical Breakdown assistance
    • Towing recovery
    • Jump-starts in the event of a faulty battery
    • Assistance with the removal of a flat tyre
    • Help if you run out of fuel
    • Assistance if you lock your keys inside your vehicle
    • Assistance for mechanical breakdowns out of town, which includes accommodation (if the vehicle breaks down more than 100km from your home) and our towing and recovery service

How it works

You can choose from four levels of warranty cover and by adding optional benefits you can customise your insurance plan:

Parts Covered Move Option Drive Option Cruise Option Maxi Option
Engine R12,000 R12,000 R20,000 R30,000
Manual Gear Box R10,000 R10,000 R15,000 R25,000
Automatic Gear Box R10,000 R10,000 R15,000 R25,000
Transfer Case R10,000 R10,000 R15,000 R25,000

Front Wheel Drive


R10,000 R15,000 R25,000
Differential R10,000 R15,000 R25,000
Management System R4,000 R6,000 R10,000
Steering Mechanism R4,000 R5,000 R12,000
Braking System R3,000 R4,000 R5,000 R8,000
Electrical Components R3,000 R4,000 R5,000
Cooling System R3,000 R4,000 R8,000
Turbo Chargers R3,000 R4,000 R5,000 R9,000
Wheel Bearings R4,000 R5,000 R7,000
Fuel System R4,000 R6,000 R15,000
Electronic Ignition R3,000 R4,000 R5,000
Cambelt Failure R2,000 R4,000 R5,000 R8,000
Drive Shafts R3,000 R3,000 R4,000 R5,000
Overheating R4,000 R5,000 R11,000
Air Conditioner R4,000 R6,000 R10,000
Clutch R3,000 R3,000 R10,000
Flywheel R6,000 R8,000 R15,000
Sensor & Sensor Units R4,000 R6,000 R10,000
Pulley & Tensioners R3,000 R4,000 R6,000

Max 2 per year

Max 2 per year


Additional Options:

Component Move Option  Drive Option  Cruise Option Maxi Option
Car Hire


Optional Warranty Cover

  • Service Benefit – takes the pain out of the cost of servicing your car. You get coverage on: oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, brake fluid, consumables or sundry charges, long-life coolant and car wash.
  • Car Hire Benefit – so you can still get around if your car is being repaired (up to 5 days maximum).


Do you want to know more?

Find out everything you need to know about Extended Car Warranty.

Are there any other criteria associated with the extended car warranty insurance?
Only vehicles that are less than 10 years old and have fewer than 200,000km qualify for the service plan.
What benefits does the Service Plan include?
The Service Plan benefits include: oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, brake fluid, consumables or sundry charges, long-life coolant and car wash.
How do I qualify for an extended motor warranty?
Extended Car Warranty is available to you if your vehicle weighs less than 3000kg, is less than 10 years old, has done less than 200 000 km, is not used for commercial purposes, and is not used for racing.
What will the extended car warranty cost me?
There are 4 options to choose from. Premiums are determined on an individual basis, you will need to call the call centre to get an accurate premium. Premiums start from as low as R159.
Are there any other benefits available?
Car hire for when your car is in for repairs (up to 5 days maximum).

How to claim

Need to Make an Extended Warranty Insurance Claim? 

Follow the easy steps below to get your claim fast and efficiently.

1. Notify us

Call 0860 10 90 99 and select the Claim option.  Have your ID or policy number on hand to register the claim with us.

2. We'll contact you to notify you of the outcome of your claim

Find a workshop

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Customer Support

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