Risk Improvement Services

Helping brokers manage and reduce the margin for error when assessing business insurance risk.

As a leading provider of risk improvement services, why should you use us? 

  1. We’ll help your clients manage risk. You can help your clients resolve potential issues in their your plant or factory before they impact their business. This means that your clients in a wide range of industrial environments can now enjoy increased plant efficiency and a safer workspace for all. 
  2. There are no added costs. We’re proud to be the only insurer with qualified contractors who carry out risk infrared assessments at your clients’ premises at no cost to you or them . 
  3. We give you sound compliance advice, if needed. We’re a trustworthy source of information on compliance issues, and we can help you navigate insurance standards and requirements. As a broker, this is a huge help to your clients who’ll be able to avoid being vulnerable to major liability issues.