Risk Improvement Services

Helping brokers manage and reduce the margin for error when assessing business insurance risk.

In order to assess the risk in a particular business, our Risk Improvement Consultants use an innovative computerised evaluation system that’s essentially a custom-designed risk management tool. This tool - the first of its kind in the insurance industry – lets you get quick and accurate risk evaluations along with recommended solutions for your clients. 

As part of this evaluation system, your client may require infrared inspections to diagnose potential fire hazards. Electrical problems are one of the leading causes of fires in buildings, and in an industrial setting, this can be especially disruptive – not to mention costly. 

Our infrared inspections make use of thermal imaging, where an infrared camera is used to take pictures of the main electrical connections and DB boards in your clients’ premises. Images like the one below will immediately indicate where problems with electricity may crop up at a later stage. 

Armed with these findings, you’ll be able to accurately measure and tightly manage risk for your client, which in turn means powerful protection for their business.