Life Insurance Partners

Our specialist life insurance partners will help you through tough times with a range of life insurance
  • 21st Century Life and Hollard
  • Hollard Group Risk
  • Hollard Group Risk 



    Telephone: 011 351 5000


    We provide a comprehensive range of flexible risk benefit solutions to employer and affinity groups, both locally and internationally

    Who We Are 

    Hollard Group Risk is an independent specialist risk manager that looks to solutions rather than products to meet clients’ needs. Our motto of “WorkLivePlay” is what we stand for. We believe that life is not a one-dimensional experience, so when we work, live and play, it should be with purpose, freedom and passion. That’s why we say “Do what you do – we’ve got you covered” because in selecting us as your insurance partner, you should not only ‘sleep easier’ but ‘live easier’!

    What We Do 

    With our dual licence capability, we’re able to offer a comprehensive selection of group risk benefits including death, disability, critical illness, credit life, funeral and gap cover. Because we know that each client’s circumstances are unique, we first aim to truly understand these unique differences before offering relevant and simplified solutions.

    Why Choose Us 

    As a specialist risk manager, we take a partnership approach to our business. Here’s why you should choose us:

    1. Our claims approach. We understand the importance of paying claims as quickly as possible. We’re recognised by our clients and reassures for this and receive numerous compliments about our turnaround times. 
    2. Our underwriting approach. We understand that going for medicals may be an inconvenience, so we’ve contracted with a nursing service that can visit our clients’ offices. We’ve also implemented eUnderwriting, a seamless and user-friendly online process.
    3. Our risk management approach. We seek to reduce rates by reducing claims where circumstances permit. By managing risk, we’re able to provide rates that are more sustainable in the longer term.
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