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Classic Car Insurance Bundle

What the Classic Car Insurance Bundle Includes:

  • We’ll cover your classic car for theft, loss or damage as outlined in your comprehensive car insurance cover.
  • Cover for parts that are temporarily detached: We’ll cover the parts that you’ve temporarily removed from your car for service, restoration or repair purposes.
  • Cover for imported parts that may need to be replaced: We’ll pay for importing replacement parts and express delivery, as long as your car is being repaired because of an insured event, and the replacement part is not available in South Africa.
  • Salvage on classic cars: If your car is in an accident and the claim decision treats it as a total loss, we’ll give you first option to buy the salvage (any parts of the car that can be saved and reused). We’ll let you buy these at a cost of 20% of the sum insured.
  • Cover while your car is with the dealer. We will pay for loss or damage caused by an insured event, except for a collision, while your car is in the custody of a dealer that is a member of the motor trade.

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What do we define as a classic car?

  • Your car is more than 20 years old
  • It doesn’t travel more than 10 000 kilometres per year
  • You will need to get your car certified as a classic by a car dealership

Choose From Optional Car Insurance Benefits Such As:

Get a rental car to help you get around if your car is stolen or in for repairs.

You can insure your car or motorbike for off-road use and a range of cross-border benefits.

We cover the repair of small scratches and dents, so you can always keep your car in tip-top shape.

Our tyre cover protects you against the cost of fixing punctures, replacing damaged tyres, wheel alignment and balancing. 


Our En Route personal accident insurance covers the driver of the car or motorbike and up to a maximum of nine passengers, for death or permanent disability as a result of an accident in the insured car.

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Download the latest policy wording document for our Limited Car Insurance