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Shortfall Plus Cover

Why Choose Shortfall Plus Cover?

Your car’s value depreciates over time, and a Comprehensive Insurance Policy will only pay out the value at the time of loss. This means you might have to finance the shortfall. 

Our Shortfall Plus policy protects you if your outstanding loan amount is higher than your car’s value when it is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economical repair. This is a standalone policy that is purchased in addition to a Volkswagen Comprehensive Insurance Policy.

Policy Benefits

Shortfall Plus Cover

This benefit provides cover if your car is a total loss due to theft, hijacking or accidental damage and the outstanding loan balance is more than your car’s value at time of loss.

Bodyline Maintenance Cover

This optional benefit provides cover in the event of minor damages such as dents or scratches to your car. 

Loyalty Bonus

This benefit provides cover so that if your car is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economical repair, we will pay a fixed amount of R10 000  towards your new Volkswagen (if you replace your car within three months from an approved Volkswagen dealer).

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Customer Protection Plan

About the Customer Protection Plan

Insurance isn’t just about protecting your car. Protect yourself and your family and let us take care of your vehicle finance in the event of death, permanent or temporary disability, the diagnosis of a dread disease or even retrenchment. 

This policy ensures that your monthly vehicle instalments are taken care off (fully or in part) in the following circumstances:

Policy Benefits

Death or Permanent Disability

This benefit will pay out the outstanding amount on your finance agreement. 

Temporary Disability

This benefit will pay an amount equal to your monthly vehicle instalments for the duration of your temporary disability. 

Dread Disease

This benefit will pay out what you still owe on your finance agreement once a conclusive diagnosis of the dread disease has been made. 

Loss of Income

This benefit will pay your monthly vehicle instalments for a maximum period of three months when you are involuntarily retrenched.    

Financial Crisis Benefit  

An optional benefit that will pay out three times your vehicle instalment amount in the event of the death of a spouse, incubation on the birth of a child, hospitalisation or being booked off work for more than six weeks.

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