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We’ve taken the grudge out of insurance

Your local coffee bar menu has several coffee types, from espressos to Irish coffees and Americanos. Your first instance is to go with your usual or what you’re most familiar with because it can be overwhelming to make a decision when you’re faced with too many options.

When presented with too many choices, it’s hard for customers to decide on the perfect product to purchase for themselves and their families.

That’s how customers feel. Buying insurance can be a tiring and sometimes overwhelming process to undertake. With the new Hollard Life Select there’s hope because we’ve simplified insurance for your clients:


Get more

Hollard Life Select allows your clients to see exactly what they are buying and what they will get out of it

Spend less

A simple product offering that provides the best value. Your clients buy what they need

Make it last

Leave a lasting memory for your client's family

Clear, simple products and choices, easy to do business environment, and providing the best value to your clients; what you see is what you get with Hollard Life Select.

The Hollard Insurance Company Ltd (Reg No. 1952/003004/06), Hollard Life Assurance Company (Reg. No. 1993/001405/06) and Hollard Investment Managers (Reg. No. 1997/001696/07) is an authorised Financial Service Provider and a member of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA).Hollard subscribes to the Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance and the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance, and is subject to the jurisdiction of the FAIS Ombud. Hollard has developed and publicises its own Financial Crime Risk Management Policy as well as policies in support of the aims of the Anti Money-Laundering Act and the Corrupt Activities Act. Regent Insurance Co. Ltd (Reg No 1966/007612/06) and Regent Life Assurance Co. Ltd (Reg No 1994/001332/06) recently merged with Hollard, and are Authorised Financial Services Providers.