Tax Risk Insurance

Tax risk insurance is simply the best protection you can have against the risks of a SARS tax audit

What We Offer

SARS have over the past number of years established itself as one of the world’s leaders in revenue collection. More recently, the South Africa Government has introduced new legislation, the Tax Administration Act of 2012, which has given SARS draconian powers with potentially serious consequences for taxpayers. Unfortunately it’s not only tax offenders who are being selected for audit, but also the honest taxpayers like you and me. Even if you believe, like most people, that your taxes are up to date and accurate, SARS can still select you for audit.

It is with the above in mind that a tax risk insurance product has been developed, to protect taxpayers against the risks associated with an audit from SARS. If you are ever selected for a SARS tax audit, we will appoint and pay for the team of tax professionals who will defend you.

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