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Risk Management Services.

  • Risk Management
  • What is Risk Management?

    Our specialised Risk Management consultants use an innovative computerised evaluation system which is the first of its kind in the industry. 

    Electrical problems are one of the leading causes of fires and our infrared inspections use thermal imaging as part of this system to indicate where problems with electricity may lie. This provides you with quick and accurate evaluations, along with recommended solutions, giving you more powerful enterprise Risk Management for your premises .

    Benefits of Risk Management Insurance:

    • We’ll help you with your Risk Management. Resolve potential issues in your plant or factory before they impact your business, and enjoy increased plant efficiency and a safer workspace for all. 
    • No added costs. We’re proud to be the only insurer with qualified contractors who carry out risk infrared assessments at your premises at no cost to you.
    • We’ll give you sound compliance advice if you need it. We’re a trustworthy source of information on compliance issues, and can help you navigate insurance standards and requirements. 
  • Risk Improvement Solution