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Liability Insurance.

  • General Liabilities
  • What is General Liabilities Insurance?

    In today’s fast-paced, consumer-centric and legislation-loaded work environment, businesses are being held accountable not only for what they do and don’t do, but how they go about it. Hollard’s partner, iTOO's General Liabilities cover protects your business against liabilities associated with your business’s activities and the products or services you offer. Our general liability cover includes broadform liability, CUP and PLIP cover.

    Benefits of General Liabilities Insurance

    • It includes legal defence costs. Our policies also provide cover for a business’s legal defence costs involved in defending actions. After all, not all allegations of negligence or wrongdoing result in damages being paid.
    • Cover for a wide variety of scenarios. With General Liabilities Cover, you’re covered for things like your customers being injured on your premises, your workmen damaging a third party’s property, a sudden spillage from your factory that pollutes a river, or a product you’ve produced causing harm.
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