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Commercial Crime

Commercial crime insurance covers companies against their direct financial losses incurred through fraud, theft or dishonesty committed by their employees. Theft and dishonesty occur in every business, if you do not believe it is happening, it’s probably only because you have not yet discovered it!

Insurance terms are dependent upon: Turnover, staff numbers, controls, segregation of duties, nature of operations and loss history. Some high risk areas are: warehouses, payroll, logistics, FMCG operations and cell phones – handset and airtime.

Directors & Officers

D&O insurance protects directors and officers in their personal capacity from any claims made by third parties against them for any actual or alleged wrongful acts, errors or omissions made by them while carrying out their duties as a director or officer.  In today’s changing legislative and increasingly litigious environment, no Director (whether the company is listed or un-listed) should accept an appointment to any Board without first confirming the availability of D&O insurance in place.

Terms are dependent on: The financial well-being of the firm, nature of activities, shareholding, experience of directors, geographic locations of operations and loss history.

Employment Practice Liability

Protects the Directors and Officers as well as the Company (entity), against claims made by both potential, past and current employees for any actual or alleged wrongful acts relating to employment practice infringements in the workplace. This cover is designed for all types and sizes of companies.

Our EPLI terms are influenced by: nature of activities, staff numbers, salary banding, HR department complexities and loss history.

Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity (FIPI) / Bankers’ Blanket Bond (BBB)/Commercial Crime (CC)

FIPI provides cover for financial institutions for their legal liability arising out of claims for damages due to a financial loss incurred by third parties as a result of the insured’s actual or alleged negligent act, error or omission.

BBB is a comprehensive crime policy designed to protect financial institutions from a variety of theft possibilities. The policy can be extended to cater for Third Party Electronic Computer Crime (CC).For example, Banks, Mortgage Bank, Insurance Companies – short and long term, asset managers, investment managers, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment Banks.Factors influencing insurance terms are: Nature of activities, loss history, deductibles selected (minimum R250,000 eel).

Medical Malpractice
We are a market for all non-invasive, low risk primary medical malpractice, focusing on the allied health professions. We focus on books of business / program business. We do not see ourselves as a market for specialists, surgeons etc. Programs / schemes are written through the various associations. Insurance Terms are dependent on: Fees, number of members in a profession / association, nature of activities, loss history for that particular sector.
Professional Indemnity (PI)
Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance provides cover to companies and individuals for their legal liability arising out of claims for damages from third parties due to their actual or alleged negligence whilst providing services to such third parties in the scope of their specific practice or profession.  For example, Architects, Engineers, Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, Estate Agents, IT, Media, Accountants etc. To provide terms we require a fully completed industry/profession specific proposal form or a miscellaneous proposal form. Insurance terms are dependent on: Fees declared, nature of activities, experience of individuals and loss history.
Trustees Liability
Trustee liability policy protects all trustees, as well as the funds they represent, against fidelity (theft) losses and any errors and omissions committed by the trustees. We focus on pension funds, provident funds, medical aid funds and retirement funds. Our rating is guided by: Limit, funds under management, experience of the trustees and financial health of the funds.
Vet Protect

VetProtect is an initiative of the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) as a service to its members. It is a comprehensive insurance product designed specifically for veterinarians, with a primary focus on veterinary malpractice, professional indemnity (PI) and public liability (PL) insurance.

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Broad Form General Liability
Provides cover for liability to a third party for bodily injury or property damage that an insured business may incur as a result of its business activities. This includes liability for products manufactured, supplied or distributed, as well as for pollution damage and defective workmanship. We cover small businesses and large corporates across a wide range, from start-ups to large companies. Our cover extends worldwide, normally only excluding the USA and Canada.
Events Liability
This tailor made policy provides cover for events, whether they occur on a regular basis or are one-off special events.  Cover includes public and product liability, as well as first aid, spread of fire and pollution.