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Small Business Insurance – Easy 4 Business

What is Easy 4 Business?

  • If you own a small, medium or micro enterprise, then our Hollard Easy 4 Business short-term commercial insurance offering has been created just for you.
  • Our product offering covers a wide range of risks to your business – from damage to or loss of your physical assets to business interruption, and from liability to personal accident.
  • The beauty of Easy 4 Business is that we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We can create a policy that’s unique to your business and your requirements.
  • In short, Easy 4 Business makes buying insurance cover for your business easy for you!

Why do I need Easy 4 Business?

  • Any business (including yours) faces a multitude of risks, such as fire, theft and accidental damage. These risks can affect your business premises, vehicles, equipment, contents, stock and more. Insuring against these risks can be a complex exercise – but not with Easy 4 Business!
  • We take the pain and hassle out of insuring your business. Quickly … and easily.

The Easy 4 Business unique value proposition

Easy 4 Business offers you value not only in terms of cost-effectively managing your risks but also in time, convenience, customisation and simplicity.

  • You only pay a single excess: If you have a claim across different sections of your policy, you will only have to pay one excess. Even better, our excesses are based on a flat rand amount instead of a percentage of the claim amount, and you can choose the excess you are comfortable with and can afford. It’s easy!

  • We have not one, but TWO no-claim rewards: Having a policy with us means you get to participate in our great no-claim rewards, where we will pay back up to 15% of your premiums as a reward for not claiming. We have two separate no-claim rewards: Motor (cars, motorbikes, trailers and caravans) and Non-motor (everything else). A claim under one does not affect your reward under the other. The more you insure with us, the more you will get back if you don’t claim. It’s easy!

  • Customise your own cover: The modular structure of our product offering allows you to combine cover options in a policy that perfectly fits your business. It’s easy!

  • Our policy wording is written in plain language: A minimum of legalese and technical insurance terms means you can get your head around your cover without a problem. It’s easy!

What does Easy 4 Business cover?

Virtually every risk to your business can be covered under your Easy 4 Business insurance policy, including the following:

  • Buildings
  • External fixed assets – such as signage, shade netting and water tanks

  • Contents

  • Plant and machinery – mechanical, electrical and electronic plant, and tools and equipment that are stationary (such as drill presses and compressors)

  • Stock

  • Electronic equipment situated at your business such as computers, printers, servers, point-of-sale equipment and CCTV cameras

  • Portable assets – anything leaving your premises, such as laptops, cell phones and tablets

  • Liability – Public liability with options to choose from Employer’s liability, Defective workmanship and defective product liability, to name a few

  • Cars, motorcycles, trailers and caravans

  • Business interruption

  • Money – cover during business hours with options to choose cover for after business hours, while in transit and if you are trading off-site

  • Personal accident – death and disability cover for you and your employees

Each of the above includes a core offering, with a range of optional covers.

Contact us

For more information about our Easy 4 Business insurance offering, simply call us on 0860 EASY4B (0860 327942) or email E4bquotes@hollard.co.za today!

Need more info

Download the latest Easy 4 Business Quick reference guide.

Download Easy 4 Business important information wording.