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  • Hollard my risk & moreTM

    With Hollard my risk & moreTM, Hollard business clients are empowered to get the best insurance coverage, on the best terms, with benefits such as:

    • Lower Excess Payments on related claims
    • Better payout terms (Ensure appropriate cover) 
    • FREE Protective Measures
    • Discounts on risk reduction products and services
    • Fast Fire & Flood Response
    • FREE Electrical Risk Scanning

    For most businesses, the first imperative is to take insurance cover to provide protection against the spectrum of risks they think they may face. And while that makes good sense, the underlying objective is more about building the resilience of a business by zoning in on its specific set of risks and taking action to prevent potential disasters from occurring in the first place. 

    In partnership with your trusted business broker, Hollard’s unique my risk & more solutions have been developed to help your business combine insurance protection with loss protection.  And, if the worst can’t be prevented from happening, to help it recover successfully.


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  • Asset Valuations
  • Fire Protection Design
  • Fire Protection Installation and Maintenance
  • Surge Protection
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Fire and Flood Response