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    Risk control plays a vital role in insurance, and we‘re energised by the prospect of developing solutions that help brokers to help their clients improve their business resilience. Doing so leads to a reduced chance of suffering losses, which means fewer insurance claims, which, in turn, means less downtime for businesses, better underwriting results and, ultimately, happier, loyal clients.

    The first step is for brokers to recognise the benefits of a risk control strategy, then to assist clients in identifying where their business risks lie and recommend ways to mitigate them. That’s especially important in a soft economy, when businesses may be looking for ways to cut costs and possibly inadvertently expose themselves to additional risks.

    We established our free risk improvement service to help identify and mitigate physical risks (such as fire, explosion, theft, flood, earthquake, etc.) and our team comprises 24 Risk Improvement specialists around the country.  Before a policy is accepted, in some instances, or at policy anniversary time, they routinely inspect clients’ premises, with the aid of an electronic evaluation tool (our Advanced Risk Questionnaire) and a thermographic camera. They then produce reports highlighting any obvious shortcomings and the necessary corrective action.

    Beyond simply managing their risk, our ultimate objective is to help clients boost their business performance and minimise their insurance claims so we’ve introduced Risk Improvement solutions, to help our business clients get more out of their premiums by planning for risk, taking action to reduce it and, if an unpreventable loss should occur, recovering successfully from it. 

    Risk Improvement solutions include:

    • Asset valuations
    • Business Interruption Calculator
    • Fire protection designs
    • Surge protection devices (SPDs)
    • Infrared scanning
    • Fire protection installation and maintenance
    • 24-hour fire and flood response

    Read more about Hollard Risk Improvement Solutions.

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