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  • Specialist Liability

    Corporations of all sizes face a multitude of financial, commercial and management liability risks every day, and those particularly exposed include professional firms, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

    The typical cover offered by the market usually includes damages claimed by third parties, as well as professional misdemeanours such as negligence, providing misleading or incorrect advice, mismanaging funds, infringing the Companies Act, violating the employee process, and employee dishonesty and theft. All of these involve legal action and can have a significant impact on the finances, and reputations, of the companies and individuals involved.

    Our Specialist Liability experts provide niche risk protection solutions against liabilities that are claimed, or alleged, by third parties. We engage the best possible attorneys and advocates and work with them to manage claims, pay legal defence costs and cover any damages awarded.  

    We offer effective, tailor-made cover for:

    • Directors & officers (wrongful acts, errors or omissions)
    • Commercial crime (fraud, theft or dishonesty)
    • Professional indemnity (professional errors or omissions)
    • Trustee liability (fiduciary responsibilities)
    • Employment practice liability (employment practice infringements)
    • Bankers blanket bond (theft)
    • Financial institutions’ professional indemnity (negligence, error or omission)
    • Medical malpractice (professional medical errors or omissions)
    • Vet protect (veterinary malpractice)

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