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‘My broker told me that …’ there’s a new phase of #LongLiveTheBroker

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What better way to illustrate the value of a broker’s insurance advice than to use the wise (and often humorous) words of intermediaries themselves?

‘My broker told me that …’ there’s a new phase of #LongLiveTheBroker

The latest phase of Hollard Insure’s long-term LongLiveTheBrokerTM campaign speaks to business insurance customers in the kind of language that brokers themselves use – from a customer’s perspective.

Each communication, on digital, social media, print and outdoor platforms, features a broker’s typical pearl of wisdom with the declaration “my broker told me that”.


  • “Where there’s smoke, you better hope someone’s having a braai … My broker told me that”  
  • “When in Rome, who knows what’s happening back at the warehouse … My broker told me that”

The LongLiveTheBrokerTM campaign was launched a year ago, with an initial focus on brokers. It reaffirmed Hollard’s enduring commitment to intermediaries and the company’s win-win-win partnership philosophy: that customers, brokers and Hollard itself all benefit from broker-led good advice and excellent service.

The new phase of the campaign focuses on business insurance customers –once again emphasising the great value that brokers offer them.

“Going forward, we will focus on the value of advice and the important role brokers play in our customers’ lives – because after all, customers and brokers are and will always be at the heart of our business,” says Nash Omar, head of Sales and Distribution for Hollard Insure, the short-term insurance division of the Hollard Insurance Company.

“The aim is to entrench ourselves as the preferred insurance partner for brokers, who always give the best advice, and ensure that our customers are better protected in any eventuality.

“We believe that trust is not negotiable and great advice enables people to make better decisions, helping to create and secure better futures for them.”

Omar says that the new LongLiveTheBrokerTM campaign phase speaks to the fact that there remains no substitute for expert brokers, who know their customers and provide them with the advice they need to ensure they have proper insurance cover.

“To bring this to life in the most human way, our campaign uses idioms in a quirky, insurance-related way, linked to the unusually humorous but wise things brokers often say.”

“We want the world to know that we endorse brokers as valuable partners in our customer relationships, and that is why we always say, #LongLiveTheBroker!’” says Omar.

For more information about LongLiveTheBrokerTM, please visit https://www.hollard.co.za/long-live-the-broker.


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