Apply for a Hollard Investments contract.

Apply for a Hollard Investments contract to sell Hollard investment products and unit trust funds.

Step 1: Complete a Contract Application Form

Step 2: Gather your supporting documents

  • Certified Copies of all FICA documentation for the FSP/Directors/Shareholders/Key Individuals and Representatives. 
  • Certified copies of ID documents for ALL Directors / Shareholders, Key Individuals, and representatives.
  • Proof of banking details in the name of the FSP (Cancelled cheque or a bank statement not older than three months).
  • Copy of FSP FAIS License.
  • FSP Representative Application Form (if applicable).

Step 3: Send your forms and supporting documentation to


Fax: +27 11 351 3816 

You will be ready to do business with us once we have:

  • Validated all documentation and completed all reference checks.
  • Confirmed with you in writing that your contract has been approved.
  • Issued you with a Hollard Investment code (upon signature of the contract and within 72 hours of submitting the document to us).
  • Hollard Investments retain the right for final contract approval.