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Published on Dec 21, 2020
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Sarah Spence, Product Documentation Specialist for HollardSource: Sarah Spence, Product Documentation Specialist for Hollard

“We know 2020 has been a challenging year, and we hope by releasing these tips and encouraging our clients to follow them, to minimise challenges and maximise rest during this period,” says Sarah Spence, Product Documentation Specialist for Hollard.

If you are away from home these holidays, ensure peace of mind by following these tips:

  • If you are driving to your holiday getaway, have your car serviced before you leave. Don’t forget to check your brakes and tyres.
  • Save your policy number and the number of the authorised towing company on your phone before setting off.
  • While driving, rest often. Studies have shown that drivers who rest every two hours have fewer accidents and are safer on the road.
  • Test your alarm before leaving, tell your security company you’ll be away and ask for extra patrols.
  • Give your insurance details to whoever is looking after your property.
  • Make sure your gutters are cleaned before you go away.
  • Turn off your geyser – this will minimise the risk of a burst geyser and also save electricity.
  • Ask a neighbour, friend or your house-sitter to start any cars left at home regularly – this will ensure you don’t have to deal with the frustration of a flat battery when you get home from your break.
  • Make sure any cars left at home are under cover so that they are protected from possible hail damage.
  • Lock cars away as much as possible, to reduce the possibility of them being stolen.
  • Before you leave, double-check all windows are closed and all gates are locked – this makes your home more secure while you are away and also makes sure that the rain doesn’t get in.
  • If you have a safe, use it to store your valuables – remember to put the safe keys out of sight and in a secure place.

While relaxing on holiday, don’t drink and drive – this keeps you and others safe on the road, and also means your claim won’t be rejected should you have an accident.

Hollard wishes all its clients well over the festive season and looks forward to 2021, a year filled with health, prosperity and clear skies.

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