Got That Burnt Out, Year-End Feeling?

Published on Oct 18, 2017
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None of us is going to forget 2017 in a hurry and, as the holiday season draws closer, the urge to crawl over the finish line and chill out gets stronger … and stronger!  But why wait until we hit the beach, the bush or our backyard before we start boosting our flagging energy levels? Resilient Energy Centre founder, Joni Peddie, says the rejuvenation process can start right NOW.   

That’s hard to believe (as we hit the last quarter and the pressure shows no signs of abating) but it’s about being more mindful, says Joni.  Especially when we’re feeling overwhelmed and our energy and balance are out of whack.  Noticing the smallest things can make a big difference and her advice is to identify a few habits we know we need to change and work on making healthier choices until they are hardwired into our routine: 

Sleep more

Ja, ja, ja.  We know sleep deprivation is bad news (for you and those around you) but there’s always a report to write, a party to go to, a game you’ve recorded … Even if 8 hours is a stretch, being more disciplined about bedtime has its benefitzzzz. 

Eat better

Missing meals, filling up on caffeine and grabbing a sandwich on the go are way too easy in our takeaway world. Try fixing a salad or a smoothie from time to time.  Your waistband (and arteries) will thank you!


Stats show that a short, sharp burst of activity can be just as beneficial to your body (and your brain) as a full-on workout. So no excuse for lounging over your laptop when you can take the stairs and trot to the coffee machine and back.

Digital detox

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter CAN wait.  (Do you need to see that picture of your mate’s lunch?). Force yourself to take a tech break and remind yourself what’s important. (Heads up: You won’t find it on that little screen.)

Look for reasons to be happy

OK. Let’s get real. This can sometimes be a big ask when you're under the whip at work and the kids are being ‘challenging’ at home but being grateful is a great place to start. (Got your health?  Running water? A roof over your head? There you go.) 

Random acts of kindness

Even if you can’t stomach a digital detox or a run around the block, THIS is a habit you’re going to want to cultivate!  It’s simply about doing something kind for someone else, for no particular reason, and the best part is, you get to feel as good as the person you’ve helped. 

Got that burnt-out, year-end feeling?

Of course, long-term wellness is going to take more than the occasional jog, salad or Facebook curfew (sorry) but, hey, that’s the way new habits gain momentum.  Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy, energized and rejuvenated 2018!