#InsuranceTips Tip 13: The Broker Advantage

Published on Jun 11, 2018
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Most service providers have their clients’ interests at heart.

But rarely is it more important to have an experienced, knowledgeable and transparent professional on your side than when it comes to the protection of your home, belongings, family and business.

This is where your trusted adviser steps in – a person who knows your needs and provides you with expert advice and proper insurance solutions. This person is your broker.

Consider this ...

When buying cover, you want:

  • Proper, timely, relevant advice
  • A simple process
  • Regular updates
  • Reliable support

So, why do you need a broker?

Your broker works for you

Brokers can shop around on your behalf and ensure that they obtain the broadest possible cover at the most cost-effective price.

The cost factor

Contrary to what you may think, the rate obtained by your broker is often better than those that come directly from an insurer, so they can help you keep your insurance costs down.

Insurance made easy

Your broker removes the hassle factor of buying cover, as they can proactively deal with your queries and answer your questions, providing a personal service.

Cover your bases

Your broker will look at your wider needs for cover, making sure you’re protected against all sorts of risks and eventualities.

Time is money

Once you’ve talked your broker through your specific needs, they will do the legwork to secure the appropriate cover for you – saving you time and effort.

A wider scope

Given that some insurers only operate via brokers, they can access products that may not be available to you directly, increasing your cover options.

Your needs come first

Your broker will be there for you if you have to claim and will represent your interests with the insurer.

Point to ponder …

Your broker is a highly skilled professional, trained to ask the right questions and to identify your needs properly so that you can make an informed decision about the cover you need.

By helping you put proper protection in place, your broker provides you with a key benefit: peace of mind.

In safe hands

Policy documents can be long and, sometimes, filled with insurance jargon. Understanding what you need and how to achieve that is crucial to getting the right protection in place.

This is where your broker comes in: not only by introducing you to new technologies, products and processes but also by explaining industry terms or difficult concepts and talking you through any questions or concerns.

What if you need to claim?

Not only will your broker be there for you if things go wrong, but they will also guide you through the claim process, keep you updated and deal with any challenges on your behalf.

The bottom line? If you need advice or assistance or you have to claim from your insurance, your first port of call is your broker.

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Your broker, your partner

As you seek to protect your home, belongings and loved ones, you need the advice and guidance of a specialist you can trust to have the knowledge, skills and experience to navigate risk.

This professional gives you access to innovative, market-leading products, paired with tailored service.

To reaffirm its commitment to its partner brokers, build stronger relationships with them, provide excellent support and service – and ultimately benefit you – Hollard Insure has launched its new #LongLiveTheBroker campaign.

It’s all about relationships, the human connection and a win-win-win situation – with your broker a key link in the value chain that also includes you and the insurer.

"LONG LIVE THE BROKER" illustration

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