Published on Feb 04, 2021
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That’s why at Hollard Insure, we came up with #InsuranceTips. It’s an award-winning series of articles about a variety of short-term insurance scenarios, which use plain language and handy infographics to help you easily explain those hard-to-grasp insurance ins and outs.

As a broker-facing insurer, we know that what’s good for brokers is good for us – and the insurance industry at large. #InsuranceTips forms part of our long-running #LongLiveTheBroker™ initiative to promote brokers and what you do best: provide first-class service and, more importantly, expert advice.

What’s more, because we say, “Long live the broker!” in support of all brokers, irrespective of whether or not they are Hollard broker partners, we’ve made #InsuranceTips insurer agnostic. Any broker can use the tips for any customer, regardless of their insurer.

With #InsuranceTips, no longer will your customers battle to get their heads around what “average” means in the insurance context, for example. Or not appreciate the insurance implications of living in a smart home. Or be tempted to take shortcuts around maintaining and insuring non-standard roofing, such as thatch.

We’ll be sharing the #InsuranceTips periodically with you in the coming months, so please keep an eye out for them. We trust that you and your customers will find them informative and useful and that your customers will love you even more for them!