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Better Futures #07 - Streetwise Finance.

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Enabling better futures through teaching South Africans about money.

Many people don’t know how to manage their money. Recognising the difference that knowledge of money matters can make, a team of Hollardites developed an educational programme called Streetwise Finance, and recruited other Hollardites to help teach groups of South Africans the basics of finance.
We believe there is a better way for South Africans to treat their money.


Hollard recognises that financial inclusivity is a major issue in South Africa, but there’s far more to it than having the financial resources to participate in our economy.  It’s also about understanding how to manage money.  
Inadequate financial literacy is one more snare in the poverty trap. We believe that if South Africans are given an opportunity to learn basic financial management skills they’ll be empowered to make better financial decisions that can have a profound impact on the way they choose to live their lives, manage their affairs, and most importantly, allow them to retire comfortably.

Module 1

If you think you are financially savvy then it’s time to test it out. Can you differentiate between needs and wants? Put yourself to the test on our Streetwise Finance Budget Tool.

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Our Partnership with Zibuza

Zibuza is an online professional learning community that aims to elevate the status of teachers by providing them with development, support and resources. We are working with Zibuza to help bring our SACE accredited financial literacy programme to teachers and students across South Africa. Find out more at https://zibuza.net/