Better Futures #02 SmartStart.

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Enabling better futures by working with micro-enterprises to solve social problems.

There are currently one million South African children aged 3-5 years who do not have access to early learning programmes, which help create a happy, well-adjusted child ready for primary school. Via the Hollard Foundation Trust’s Kago ya Bana programme, SmartStart is a model for empowering entrepreneurs to address this problem by way of a social franchise to ensure that access to high quality early stimulation becomes a reality.

We believe there is a better way to prepare young children for a lifetime of learning.

The first six years of a child’s life are so important and their exposure to early childhood development (ECD) programmes sets the tone for a lifetime of learning: preparing them for school, enhancing their classroom performance and, overall, increasing their chances of success in life.

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About the artist...
Makhosandile Mbuku (1985).

Makhosandile Mbuku is predominantly self-taught, having developed an interest in art while living in close proximity to the vibrant arts community in Cape Town’s townships. Primarily known as a painter, many of his works document the less affluent communities.His artworks are also inspired by his personal challenges and experiences and address issues of identity, culture and tradition.

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