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Better Futures #12- Responsible Employer

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Investing in people changes lives. That’s why we provide our employees with learning, development, mentorship and more. Because creating Better Futures starts at home.

There is nothing more important to us than our people.  The members of the Hollard family are affectionately known as Hollardites and we value every single one of them.  Not just for the contribution they make to our business, but for everything they bring to the world.  

Hollard’s goal is to be the employer of choice for the brightest and best minds (and hearts!) in the business and though we set the bar very high when it comes to the work we produce, we also care about every other aspect of Hollardites’ lives.  So, in the morning, we expect them to bring their whole selves to work, not for them to abandon their personalities and quirks at the door!

Caring about our people starts with understanding that they don’t just come to work to get paid (though that is right up there!).  It’s about being engaged in meaningful work, and feeling valued, and we put huge effort into creating a purpose-driven environment in which our people and our business can thrive.

We call this The Hollard Way and, basically, it’s about being yourself, while treating everyone with care and dignity. About making a sustainable difference in the lives of everyone whose lives you touch.   Including clients, partners, suppliers, shareholders and everyone in the broader community. 

We believe in investing in our people; in listening to every voice in the room; and in creating opportunities for Hollardites to grow and move towards the better futures they desire and deserve. We encourage personal, self-directed development, foster innovation, value diversity and promote leadership at all levels of our organisation.

Education is crucial to every employee’s growth journey and so we provide learning opportunities, not just for Hollardites, but for their families as well. Our bursary, learnership and internship programmes for family members truly enable us to act as a catalyst for positive and enduring change! 

As far as we’re concerned, being a responsible employer is merely entry to the game. Becoming the favorite employer is the ultimate game-changer. 

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Mongezi Gum (1970).

Born in the township of Langa, in the Cape Flats of Cape Town on 23 September 1970, Mongezi Gum attended later Jumba High School where he graduated in 1992. His passion for art took off when he was quite young. He started drawing characters from movie posters but art schools for blacks in Cape Town were scarce at the time, so he decided to move to Johannesburg. There, he completed his studies in painting, drawing, sculpting and printmaking at the Johannesburg Art Foundation where he received his Diploma in Fine Arts in 1994. He then returned to the city of his birth, Cape Town, to pursue a career in art making.