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Better Futures #11 Meaningful Sponsorships

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Meaningful sponsorships improve lives. That’s why we create and support initiatives that make a real difference by engaging, inspiring and uplifting communities.

For us, it’s not just about attaching Hollard’s name to an event.  It’s about committing ourselves to a cause that resonates with us and our purpose and everything we do.  And then having fun by seeing just how big a difference we can make. Two of the properties that demonstrate that point are the Hollard Daredevil Run and the Hollard JUMA/JURA. 

Daredevil Run

The Daredevil Run is a special annual event that’s in synch with Hollard’s values – and sense of fun. Men of all ages, shapes and sizes take to the streets wearing nothing but purple Speedos, to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancers (prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer in SA men, and testicular cancer affects males as young as 15).

The madcap 5km run is the irreverent way we have chosen to embrace a very serious cause.  (It’s the same approach we take to everything - while we know that our business – and cancer – need to be taken seriously, we don’t believe it means we always have to take ourselves seriously!)  

Our partners include organisations such as CANSA and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, who raise awareness of the symptoms, risks and enormous benefits of early cancer detection.  We donate all of the entry fees from the Run to these organisations.  And we’re proud of the fact that one of the CANSA projects we fund is a mobile “ManVan” that tours the country, educating, testing and counselling men about the very real challenges they (and the families who love and depend on them) can face.

Spoiler Alert: Men don’t generally like sharing heath info–and, irrespective of stigmas and cultural taboos, they are especially squirmy about anything to do with their man bits.  Yet, with one in six men affected, it’s hugely important to convey the message that run cancer outta town takes balls … and we’re chuffed that Daredevil’s cheeky take on the issue is helping to accomplish that.  



In partnership with Joburg City Parks and organisers BAM, we host the annual JUMA/JURA urban running and mountain biking adventures, which literally blaze a trail across Johannesburg as thousands of fun-loving athletes and mountain bikers take up the challenge of tackling an obstacle course through the city’s roads and parkways. 

As well as giving people an excuse to get outdoors and discover some of Jozi’s hidden gems, the events give back by creating jobs for the unemployed during buildup/breakdown, donating a portion of entry fees to well-deserving local charities and sponsoring cleaning operations to uplift the well-loved and well-used Braamfontein Spruit area.

In line with Hollard’s philosophy of doing things differently to make a difference, the use of “bokashi balls” to clean the polluted waters of the Spruit is one of the projects enabled by JUMA/JURA.  These balls are made of a mixture that includes a combination of various bacteria endemic to South Africa.  The balls are designed to sink to the riverbed and slowly release effective microbes for up to a month, improving water quality as the ‘good bacteria’ replaces bad bacteria.

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About the artist...

Louise van der Bijl (Ross), was born in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and now lives and works in Johannesburg. She completed a BA Fine Arts degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2007. 

Louise’s paintings depict her fascination with Johannesburg and her, often overwhelming, experiences of the city. The process of settling in Johannesburg has become fundamental to her art practice. Using snapshot photographs, maps, newspaper articles and websites as references, she creates paintings that document her city journeys and viewpoints, its people and its overlooked objects.