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Better Futures #03 - Arts as an Enabler.

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Connecting the arts and business turns passion into profit for all. That’s why Hollard supports initiatives that help people working in the arts make a living from their talent, and make the arts accessible for everyone.

It’s no secret that we’re passionate supporters of the arts. Weird as it might sound for an insurance company, we’re into all art forms - from sculpture to graffiti, ballet to pantsula, opera to rap, and from painting to slam poetry.

For us, the beautiful thing about creative expression is the potential it has to enrich the lives of those who are exposed to it.  And, we’re totally captivated by the power that it has to move us – even change us – depending on the way we experience it.

Our partnerships with creative enterprises such as Business Art South Africa (BASA), the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) and the Creative Block project are not just grafted on to what we do, in the usual corporate way. They are an intrinsic part of who we are. Whether Hollard is involved in creating art, buying it, selling it or enjoying it, we see its potential to bring artists, consumers, businesses and collectors together in a way that creates better futures for everyone. 

The briefest of visits to the Hollard Campus in Parktown is all it takes to realise the extent of our love affair.  Examples of contemporary Africa art are abundant - on the walls of our offices, in our gardens, in the magnificent heritage site that is the focal point of our property, and even in the stairwells to our parking garages.  We’re surrounded by a diverse and arresting collection of paintings, mosaics, sculptures and murals that add an extraordinary dimension to our business environment and perfectly reflect Hollard’s uniqueness as a place to work … and play. 

We love the fresh thinking the arts engender, as well as the important conversations they stimulate. To do this on a grander scale, we believe the arts need to be more inclusive and accessible. And, in the same way that we love making insurance products more accessible, we love trying to do that for the arts too!

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About the artist...
ANDREW WEIR (1961- ).

In his long career of over 30 years, Andrew Weir, has worked in diverse environments and mediums; digital, silkscreen, photography, illustration, fabric and ceramics. His favourite subject however, is mixed media / digital where he works with ideas from everyday life to develop strong, simple concepts. Weir’s work has a sense of African imagery combined with Eurocentric influences. He now finds inspiration documenting areas of Woodstock and Salt River.