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Enabling better futures through accessible and affordable products.

Low income communities are often uninsured because they cannot afford or access relevant and suitable insurance products. Hollard aims to change that through creating low premium, value-for-money products that can be accessed easily by these communities.

We believe there is a better way for low income communities to protect their stuff, and the people they care about.

The peace of mind that insurance can bring is often out of reach for low-income communities.  Not because they don’t want to protect the people who depend on them, or their things, but because there are very few insurance solutions that met their needs.

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About the artist...
Shakes Tembani (1975).

Shakes Tembani explores different avenues of expression in a variety of mediums including painting and mosaic. With a stylised but sensitive way of realising his subjects, Tembani invites viewers to contemplate the beautiful in the seemingly ordinary.